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Ethical street style: Aicha Tohry, lawyer for creatives

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I am happy to present the first post of the Ethical street style series! The goal is to learn more about who Ethical Fashion supporters are, about their journey from fast Fashion to slow Fashion, as well as where they like to shop!

Today we get to know Aicha Tohry, founder of ARTY LAW. She offers tailored legal services for creatives (Fashion, Technology, Arts and Entertainment).

Aicha Tohry, tell us more about you?

My name is Aicha. My parents are from Morocco but I was born and raised here in Montréal.

What do you do?

I’m a lawyer for entrepreneurs in the creative industries such as Fashion, Arts and Entertainment. I wanted to be a lawyer since I was in High School where I discovered the concept of intellectual property.

How do your services help designers?

The tailored legal services I offer help designers to protect the growth of their business. For instance, a designer can come to me to revise a contract in order to make sure that they don’t make a bad investment.

In Montréal, business opportunities in the Fashion industry can be scarce, and designers tend to jump on offers without thinking of the legal impacts on their business.

I have a client for example who signed a bad contract 10 years ago and she has yet to receive any royalties ever since.

What are the false conceptions about lawyers you want to address?

  • A lawyer is only needed to represent me in court

A designer should not wait for a problem or litigation to arise to consult a lawyer. Indeed, it is best to consult a lawyer to prevent and protect themselves from any legal issues. It is an Investissement. It is better to be safe than sorry!

  • Why pay a lawyer when I can use the Internet to find all I need?

Unfortunately, people think they can do everything on their own because there is so much information online. False! Contract templates (and other business documents) found online are not tailored to a particular industry and may not be fitting for your own company.

Hence the importance to use tailored services like ARTY LAW offers.

  • A lawyer is expensive

Prices vary greatly from one lawyer to the other. The most affordable service for designers is a consultation which usually lasts about 30 minutes. A designer can get a tone of information in a very little time. A consultation is the best service for designers who seek the best value for their money.

What advices can you give to designers today?

  • Designers or entrepreneurs who offer services should always have a written service offer. It is non-negotiable, absolutely mandatory.
  • Designers must remember that all business relations are legal relations. Thus, they must always have a contract and get a lawyer to revise them. Whether it is a contract they have written themselves or a contract that they are asked to sign.

What does Ethical Fashion mean to you?

To me, Ethical Fashion means good working conditions for the workers. For others, it might be the environmental impact or buying local, but what matters the most to me are the working conditions of the people who make the clothes.

How did you become an Ethical Fashion supporter?

I have never been a big consumer because I’m very demanding and it shows in my spending habits. I have never been the type of person to have a closet full of unworn clothes with the tags still on them.

Then I started to hear more and more about Sustainable Fashion and I was thinking of changing my lifestyle.

However, it is only after I watched The True Cost movie that I made the switch. The change was not hard and I can’t remember the last time I bought a Fast-fashion item.

Where do you shop?

Levis Jeans (For their jeans)

ARC Apparel (Sources brands that are doing notable things in the apparel industry, in the realm of sustainability, ethical manufacturing or giving back)

Allcovered fashion  (Designed and made in Quebec city)

Unicorn (Many local designers from Montréal)

Deuxieme edition (Curated designer second-hand clothes)

Betina Lou (Timeless and remixable apparel from Montréal)

Ruse boutique (Curated selection of high-end consignment and vintage items)

Patagonia (Outdoor Clothing and Gear)

What are you wearing?

VEST Deuxième édition

Vest from Deuxième Edition


MODA Skirt by Allcovered Fashion 

M0851 BAG

Bag by MO851


Shoes by L’intervalle

A few words about the upcoming #YouTubeMTL event

It is a one-day convention organized by #YouTubeMTL and Lounge 4284.  There will be a series of workshops and conferences for creators. Audience Development, best thumbnail practices, and legal essentials are some of the workshops.

My workshop will be the one on legal essentials for creatives. In it,  I’ll cover many topics like intellectual property, contract essentials, how to take control of your career and how to add value to your business.

Tickets are available here.


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